Reflection on the Doxology

“Praise God from whom all blessings flow.”


This is a tough time to see blessings during this time of our "Great Pause" - a pause that started during Lent and now has continued well into the Easter season, with no clear-cut end date.


Like all of you, I miss our church community and gathering together for worship, service, and fellowship. I miss the regularity of our Sunday worship and the organized liturgical seasonal calendar we follow.


Being an usher, I miss that controlled chaos that occurs at the back of the sacristy just before services. Everyone involved in the service crammed in that small space. The priests, the young acolytes fidgeting, ushers scrambling to find enough bulletins for the late arrivals, the choir, perched on the choir loft stairs waiting to process, the young parents coming to the back, looking for supplies to occupy the attention of their young children.


I also miss the fellowship at coffee hour. The dozens of conversations going on, the crowded common food table... (Will that come back in a different way?)


So, even the season seems mixed up. It feels more like Lent then Easter. Even the weather seems mixed up. Now, in May, if often feels like March Lenten weather. Sometimes it feels like Advent, when we are all waiting in anticipation. But a strange advent, because we don’t have a firm date on when the waiting will end.


But, I’m thankful for technology like YouTube that allows us to continue worship services. Zoom and FaceTime let us meet with family and friends.


One thing I’m experiencing having a calendar devoid of upcoming events, travels, meetings, is that I’m more focused on right now, and the things I’m doing right at the moment. I’ve slowed down, my mind isn’t racing as much. If I’m reading, I’m more focused on what I’m reading. If I’m taking a walk, I’m more tuned in to the foliage changes, the birds I see and hear. The sky and air seem cleaner and fresher. The stars and planets seem clearer and brighter in the night sky.


I’ve actually got more money in my account every month, because the gym, clubs and organizations I belong have canceled the dues I was paying, since we can’t meet.


So,while I miss not being able to serve dinners at the Rescue Mission or pack food for the Bright Futures kids, I’m using that money to keep up my church pledge and also donating to charities that are supplying food to those that need it.


I’ve also become aware of folks I probably took a bit for granted, in the past. Those service workers at the supermarkets, gas stations, post office, and servers at restaurants when I pickup takeout meals. I’m way more apt to thank them when I interact with them.


So yes, I can still find blessings and find ways to thank God in these strange and different times.

Martin Tabaka

May 6, 2020