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Coffee Hour Hosts

Coffee Hour after the 10:30 am service is a tradition that everyone in the congregation enjoys each week! It’s a time to relax after the service, enjoy some refreshment, and catch up with friends after a busy week. It's a vital part of our fellowship here at Christ Church.

In order to ensure that we have this opportunity each week, volunteers sign up to "host" Coffee Hour by setting up and serving coffee, lemonade, and a snack in the Tilford Room. Please contact Teresa Jacobsen with any questions about Coffee Hour.

Coffee Hour is part of our Parish Life ministry.

Top 5 Myths About Coffee Hour by Polly Nesselrodt


1. Coffee hour is handled by a group that I'm not involved with. They have it under control already.

MYTH! Coffee hour is the responsibility and the joy of the entire congregation. Anyone who has ever grabbed a cookie after church knows how much it is appreciated. This lovely tradition occurs because of people who take the initiative to sign up. You are invited to be one of those people!


2. Hosting coffee hour is stressful.

MYTH! Last anyone checked, there is no complaint box in the Tilford Room for coffee hour. Anything you do is icing on the cake; the alternative is nothing happening each week, which would be sad. Coffee hour is a tradition of hospitality and fellowship at Christ Church. You bring what you choose, keep the coffee flowing, and that's it. When the munchies are gone, that means you did a great job.

3. Hosting coffee hour is expensive.

MYTH! Hosting coffee hour can be whatever you want it to be. Some folks enjoy making it a bigger affair, and hey, who minds that?! Others pick up some goodies at Costco and keep it simple. Guess what?  It gets eaten and enjoyed thoroughly either way!  Another great tip is to check out the refrigerator, freezer, and pantry the week before hosting.  If food isn't labeled, it is fair game, and we would LOVE to see leftovers used. This is a way to help us be good stewards of the church's resources.


4. I don't know anyone to host with, so I can't do it.

MYTH! You can suggest that any group you are associated with host coffee hour.  It is so much fun to do this way, with lots of hands and friends. You can also contact any of the monthly coordinators. We will be happy to help you find a friend that would like to share the responsibility!


5. I don't know how the coffee machine works, and I'm worried the Episcopalians will get cranky if they have to wait for their caffeine.

MYTH! There are instructions in the kitchen that are easy to follow. Any of the coffee hour coordinators will be happy to give you a tutorial on the coffee machine or any other kitchen questions.  In addition, there are LOTS of people at coffee hour each week who have done it before. They are always glad to lend a hand.  In fact, I've had people jump in and brew a pot (or four) of coffee without my even asking. It truly is a team mentality; you're not alone.  Finally, Episcopalians are never cranky.

I hope you will consider making coffee hour part of your contribution to the life of the parish. It is a fun and greatly appreciated way to give back to the community!

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