Stewardship at Christ Church

Stewardship Campaign 2022: Walk in Faith


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Please return a pledge card to continue your faithful financial support of Christ Church!

Stewardship FAQs:

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Each fall, we have a stewardship campaign and ask you to make a pledge to Christ Church for the next year. These pledges provides the groundwork for funding all our programs and ministries in the coming year. As much as we are thankful for any gifts given to the church, we cannot use unpledged giving in our planning and budget. That is why pledges are so important.


To understand pledging better as we look forward to our stewardship campaign, we think the following questions and answers might be helpful:


Why pledge at all?

Pledging money to Christ Church, along with giving time and our talents, is one way we can thank God for the many gifts bestowed upon us and a way to share God’s love with others through the ministries of Christ Church.


Is my pledge a binding contract?

No, a pledge is a statement of intent, not a contract. It’s an estimate of giving, made in good faith. It’s not like paying a tax, membership dues, or a mortgage. If at anytime during the year, your finances change where you cannot maintain your pledge, just simply advise the church bookkeeper that you wish to modify your pledge. And, if your financial situation improves, increasing your pledge is always available!


How do I make a pledge?

Pledge cards will be mailed out to members and regular attendees. Cards will also be available online, at the Church Office, and in the church. They can be completed online, mailed to the Church, or dropped in the collection plate.


How much should I pledge?

That decision is always yours, hopefully after prayerful consideration. Christ Church provides a chart with our pledge information to help show you how you can calculate your pledges amount as a proportion or percentage of your annual income. An easy way to start on your way to tithing* is to pledge one hour’s income per week, or one day’s income per month. But there are no rules.


How often should I update my pledge?

While it is easy to just complete a pledge card with the same amount as last year, things change. The annual stewardship campaign allows for an annual review of your finances and provides an opportunity to grow your pledge toward a tithing amount. Every added dollar helps funding the programs and mission of Christ Church.


Is my pledge confidential?

Yes, only the church bookkeeper knows the amount of individual pledges. She prepares quarterly statements that are sent to keep people abreast of their giving throughout the year.

*Traditionally, tithing is giving 10% of your income to the church.


Here is a chart which shows proportional giving from 2% to 15% monthly. If you would like to use an online calculator to evaluate proportional giving options for your family, please visit: