Christ Church Vestry

The Vestry at Christ Church serves with the rector and assistant rector in promoting the spiritual welfare of the parish and overseeing the community duties of Christ Church. They support church programs and encourage the membership to actively support the programs. The Vestry has a wide array of duties, but their three primary responsibilities, according to church canon (laws), are to take care of parish finances, to take care of parish buildings, and to choose individuals to fill positions of leadership or to represent the church.

The 12 vestry members are elected by the parish. Each member serves a three year term. Meetings are held at 7:00 pm on the second Tuesday each month and include a time for parishioners to address the group. Vestry members may also be contacted via the church office.

The Vestry Board includes a senior warden, a junior warden, a treasurer and a register. The senior warden works closely with the rector and acts as spokesperson for the vestry. In the absence of a rector, the senior warden assumes the rector’s responsibilities. The junior warden focuses more specifically on the responsibilities associated with the church’s buildings and grounds.

To contact the vestry, send an email.

***The current Vestry will continue to serve until we are able to meet in-person for an Annual Meeting.

Current Vestry Members:

Senior Warden: Teresa Jacobsen

Junior Warden: David Wingenbach

Treasurer: Pete Gronauer

Register: Jody Wall

Serving through 2021: Martha Roberson, Christopher Francis, David Wingenbach

Serving through 2022: Teresa Jacobsen, Katie Harvard, Dan Gloster, Tom King

Serving through 2023: Bob Puttock, Jody Wall, Steve Martin, Joan Bronson

Christ Episcopal Church
140 W. Boscawen Street

Winchester, VA 22601


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