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1 - The Baden Center
Located at 11 N. Washington Street, this center is dedicated to the life of The Right Reverend John A. Baden, Rector of Christ Church and Frederick Parish from 1962-1973 and Suffragan Bishop of Virginia from 1973-1979. The building serves as a meeting place for Christ Church programs and various community groups.

2 - Christ Church
This house of worship, built in 1828 on the corner of Washington and Boscawen Streets (
140 W. Boscawen St.), is the oldest church building in Winchester that has been in continuous use for religious purposes. The Fairfax Room, located down the stairs at the back of the church, is a spacious room with comfortable chairs, a kitchen, and bathrooms.

3- Courtyard
Given in memory of long-time parishioner Marion Park Lewis, the courtyard provides a place of rest and quiet and holds the historic tomb of Thomas, Sixth Lord of Fairfax. A passageway along the courtyard connects the church and the Parish Hall. Seasonal plantings and garden lighting adorn the borders. A columbarium was installed in the courtyard in 2007. 

4 - The Old Rectory
This building at 134 W. Boscawen Street served as a home for ministers of Frederick Parish from 1839 until after World War II. The Reverend Robert B. ("Parson") Nelson, rector from 1921-1946, and his family were the last residents in this stately manse. Since then, the Old Rectory has housed parish offices, including the office of the director of Christian education, and church school rooms. The Parlors are used for small classes and gatherings. Some of the historical and classical books of the Frances Jones Library are in the East Parlor.

5 - The Parish Hall (132 W. Boscawen Street)

Tilford Room
The Tilford Room accommodates parish functions, receptions and large classes, seating 200 people. There is a well-equipped kitchen.

Education Facilities
On the second floor of the Parish Hall and the Old Rectory, our classrooms open onto a central commons area that is used for multiple purposes. The Nursery for children through age two, is located near the elevator and stairway on the second floor. The Children's Chapel provides a sacred space for children ages 3 to 7 to participate in age-appropriate worship and activities during a part of the church service. The main portion of the Frances Jones Library is off the commons in the tower.

6 - The Pilgrim's Chapel
This chapel is a place for private devotions, as well as weekly services, small weddings and funerals. The applewood cross and the altar base have been crafted by parishioners. The altar top, or "mensa" stone, is from the original altar at Christ Church. The chapel was given in memory of William P. and Ruth Massey.

7 - The Smith Building - the Church Office
Located at 
114 W. Boscawen Street, this building houses the church office and the Smith Building Conference Room on the second floor, and the Parish Nurses' office and the Treasure Box thrift shop on the first floor. The Smith Building was a gift to the parish in memory of George H. Smith, Jr., MD.

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