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Planned Giving


“Christ Church has been the spiritual center of our lives for years. We want to make a gift that will help the parish continue its mission and benefit generations to come. But Planned Giving sounds complicated. Where do we start?”

Through the ministry of Planned Giving, we have a powerful opportunity to ensure that our most sacred values and commitments are part of the legacy we leave behind for future generations.

Christ Church has an endowment fund that has been blessed with gifts from our parishioners. We now want to re-introduce you to the ways a Planned Gift can honor your family and, possibly, increase your current income while supporting Christ Church for generations to come.


The Episcopal Church Foundation can share with you the financial tools available for this most important gift. We ask that you prayerfully consider taking the next step—exploring planned giving opportunities to support Christ Church.

If you have any questions about Planned Giving, please contact the rector.

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