Salvation Army &
the Angel Tree Ministry


The Outreach Committee of Christ Episcopal Church made a donation to the local Salvation Army in October 2022 which will assist the organization as it makes significant transitions in the way it serves our community.


Captains JB and Stephanie Blevins accepted the check from the church with gratitude and explained that, since coming to Winchester, they have sought ways to fill the need they saw in Winchester for shelter for families in crisis. They are transitioning from serving individual men and women to being able to serve families, with four rooms available initially. Improvements to the facility include updated bathrooms, beds, a kitchen available for families to use, and a dedicated area for children.


Captain JB says, “This will be a place of peace, participation, and progress for families. They will be treated with dignity and feel safe and secure. We will require participation through case management and progress toward their own success while they are with us.” Families will be able to stay for up to three months as they work toward their goals.


Clare Dame, with the Christ Church Outreach Committee, says, “Stability is so important to children and their development. We’re so excited about what the Salvation Army is doing for children especially.”


Christ Episcopal Church is pleased to continue our relationship with the Salvation Army that has spanned decades and includes ministries such as the annual Angel Tree at Christmas, meal donations, and more.



Our 110 angels have been adopted!

Thank you for adopting an angel and for helping The Winchester Salvation Army provide a brighter Christmas for children in need throughout our community! The goal is that each child will receive some toys/games and clothing. Books are also good options. Use your judgment and spend what you can. Everything should be new and unwrapped. Candy and edible products are not permitted, due to allergies, etc.

Once you have completed your shopping, use the bag provided and please staple the “angel” inside. There should be a label on the bag with information to match your angel. Any items that do not fit in your bag should be tagged or marked with the Angel’s ID number. You can keep the small bottom perforated portion of the angel and attach to your receipts for tax purposes. 

OPTION 1: You may bring your gifts to the Tilford Room after the 8:00 am service and before and after the 10:30 am service on Sunday, November 27th and Sunday December 4th or between noon and 2 pm on Wednesday, December 7th


OPTION 2:  You can call or email Dan Shaner (703) 963-1483 if you would like to make arrangements for someone to pick up your items and make the delivery for you.  Westminster Canterbury residents can leave their items at the office to be picked up.


OPTION 3: You may also deliver your completed gifts directly to the Salvation Army office at 300 Fort Collier Rd., Winchester, starting now through December 7th, Monday through Friday, only, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm.

If you have any questions, please call the 540-486-4003 and leave a message or email  Thank you for your generosity!