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Flowers for the Altar

There are guidelines established by the Christ Church Altar Guild for giving flowers to adorn the church - during Sunday services, for weddings and for funerals. This brochure contains information to help you navigate the guidelines.

The Flower Guild at Christ Church began as an off-shoot of the Altar Guild. For years, the preparation and delivery of the altar flowers to shut-ins had been managed by the Altar Guild. The ordering of the Easter and Christmas flowers had been under the auspices of the Altar Guild, as well. There was a need and a desire for a person or persons, other than the Altar Guild to man this ministry. As a result, the Flower Guild was created. 

The Flower Guild delivers the altar flowers to shut-ins, orders the Easter and Christmas flowers, decorates the church at Easter and Christmas, and provides an arrangement for Wednesday services in the Pilgrim's Chapel. It also helps with flowers for events at the church, if needed, and has flower arranging workshops for those who are interested.

If you love flowers and would like to learn more about the Flower Guild and become involved, please email Katie Harvard.

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