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Flowers on the Altar


There are guidelines established by the Christ Church Altar Guild for giving flowers to adorn the church - during Sunday services, for weddings and for funerals. This brochure contains information to help you navigate the guidelines.

On Sundays throughout the church year (aside from during Lent), there are two arrangements of flowers decorating the altar donated by parishioners.

The scheduling of the donations is handled by parishioner Polly Nesselrodt. Many Christ Church families donate flowers each year on the same Sunday in memory of a loved one, or in thanksgiving for people or occasions. Polly confirms with each family and, when there is an opening for a donation, she contacts those who have expressed interest to her.

When a family donates flowers, they contact the florist to order and pay for the flowers, and work within the parameters specified by the Altar Guild. The cost is approximately $75 per arrangement, but varies depending on the florist and flowers used. Polly provides all the  information necessary weeks in advance. Artificial or silk flowers are not permitted. Florists that work with us often include Winchester Floral, Snellings and
Blue Bells.

Families also indicate how they would like the remembrance to be worded in the bulletin and Prayers of the People that Sunday.

Families can choose what is done with the arrangements after the service, too—some take them home, some ask that they are delivered to someone who can’t attend services. 

There are several dates available in 2024: May 26, June 30, September 1 and September 29. In 2025, January 26, February 16 and February 23 are open.

If you are interested in donating altar flowers, please contact Polly Nesselrodt or call the Church Office at 540-662-5843, Ext. 4.

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