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Intercessory Prayer Group

A small dedicated group of parishioners pray independently (and at special services) for those members of the congregation who have requested prayers. There are two ways you may request prayers from this group:

You may ask to be on the "Published List" which is presented each Sunday in the Announcements section of the bulletin. The names are read aloud at the Wednesday Noon Day service. The reason for your request is not made public and remains confidential. The entire congregation, as well as the members of the prayer group, is asked to pray for the names on this list.


You may prefer to request prayers in strict confidence. These names are placed on the "Quiet List." A service of Evening Prayer is held by the members of the prayer group specifically for those who are listed on the Quiet List. Individual prayers are also offered daily by the members of the prayer group. To be placed on either list, to provide updates, or to become a member of the prayer group, please email us.

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