Winchester Rescue Mission Dinner Team

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Our meal program, to serve those who seek help from the Winchester Rescue Mission, is a great success! Christ Church
volunteers provide dinner for 60-70 guests twice a month (on the second Monday and last Tuesday each month) at the shelter.


A hot dinner is served at the downtown shelter seven days a week, 365 days a year, at 5:00 pm. The dinner is not only open to those finding shelter at the Rescue Mission, but is open to individuals and families of the Winchester community.

Team leaders are responsible for one or two dinners a year, creating a menu, preparing a shopping list, coordinating with a team of approximately five volunteers to cook and serve the dinner. Staff/residents at the Rescue Mission will support team leaders—from suggestions to use food in their pantry to help putting drinks out to clean up.


Team leaders will need volunteers on their teams. Again, volunteers will only serve one or two times per year. There are no age requirements at Winchester Rescue Mission, so children and youth are welcome as volunteers, making this a great opportunity for families to serve together. Hours will be around 3:00—6:30 pm.


If you are interested in being a team leader or a volunteer, please contact Pat Kofalt.